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A Published Article About BBQ Catering:

The Increased Popularity of BBQ Catering

Barbecue is also known as BBQ and is considered a diminutive of Barbie. Etymologists hold that the word was derived from barbacoa, a word in the language of the Taino tribe in the Caribbean. The word meant ësacred fire pití in Taino language. Barbecue is a special method of cooking, with the direct heat of fire from hot coals, smoking wood, and charcoal. Traditional barbacoa is done by digging a pit in the ground and placing a full goat in a pot at the bottom. The pot is covered with coal and maguey leaves and set fire. The meat is allowed to cook for a few hours. Usually the meat is applied with spice rub, marinade, or basting sauce. Such traditional barbecue is cooked in an outdoor environment. However, bbq catering in restaurants are done by cooking in large metal or brick ovens.

There is difference of opinion about the actual process of barbecue, with some communities considering all direct and indirect heating as bbq. Others hold only indirect heating as barbecue and direct heating methods as grilling. Still, it could be safely concluded that grilling is generally a fast method of cooking with direct heating. On the other hand, bbq is a slow process, with the method having heating that is more indirect. It is believed that the slower method of barbecue cooking makes the tough meat to become tender and breaks down the collagen present in the meat, making meat eating much easier.

Nowadays, barbecue catering includes all types of outdoor social gatherings with serving of food. Every year, the American Royal Barbecue Contest is conducted in Kansas City, Missouri. In 2007, the open contest for the barbeque championship attracted around 496 teams. Another barbecue competition is held in May in Memphis, Tennessee, termed as the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest.

Barbecue catering service had been steadily gaining popularity all over the world. Outdoor bbq catering had become the norm for many social gatherings and individual celebrations. It is believed that barbecuing is a healthier food choice and more people are turning to bbq cooking or bbq catering service to eat healthy food. Turkey is a good protein option, with a 3-ounce serving of skinless, boneless turkey breast containing 26 grams of protein and one gram of fat. The barbecued turkey contains no saturated fat at all.

According to the US Census Board, Iowa supplies about one-fourth of the total pork sausage and hot pork dog in the United States. One-sixth of the cattle and calves production is met by Texas. Broiler chickens predominantly arrive from Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and North Carolina. Takeout food is increasing in popularity with nine out of ten family-dining eateries providing the option of takeout food. Even 75% of high-priced fine-dining restaurants are offering takeout food. Even in households, it is believed that nearly 81% own a grill, which is used at least once a week. As such, bbq catering service appears to be the future leader in eating habits.


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