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A Published Article About Maverick's BBQ Catering:

BBQ Catering - The Best in the SF Bay Area

It is quite a rare sight when we encounter members of the same family eating and enjoying the food together. With every member having a different lifestyle and different working hours this kind of situation is quite expected. Gone are the days when the whole family would sit at the dinner table where they would not just share their food but would also share anecdotes from their daily life. Infact, one might even go on to say that this was the driving force behind the bonding of family members. Nowadays people hardly seem to have the time to bond over food. In this type of a situation, the idea of barbeque seems to be quite enticing.

Barbeque refers to traditional way of grilling food in wood fire outdoors. Barbeque is a pleasurable form of eating. It provides both an opportunity for family bonding as well as a mode of leading a healthy lifestyle. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of barbeque is cooking outdoors amidst nature. In a sense, it offers a great chance to go back to our roots, Mother Nature. However, one must remember that barbeque does not just mean common grill. Infact, the entire concept of barbeque comprises of different recipes, methods of cooking, various tools and plenty of accompaniments. Barbeque also plays an important role in helping family members and friends collaborate. Barbeque is a quintessential mode of cooking of the Americans. However, nowadays the mode has become quite popular throughout the world and millions of people are enjoying the tasty and fat-free food.

The people at Maverick's BBQ Catering in the SF Bay Area are most adept in cooking barbeque in the most authentic fashion. Their quality of food as well as their service is commendable. Whether it is a gathering of 20 people or 2000 people, they can cater to them with equal efficiency. The best part about BBQ Caterers is that they cook in signature BBQ pits in full view of the guests in Santa Maria Valley, which is often referred to as the birthplace of the dish Tri Tip. They are skilled at making a long list of lip smacking delicacies. Along with the most authentic Tri Tips made up of juicy and tender cut beef, they make smoked chicken, luscious St. Louis Style pork ribs and hickory smoked turkey. To give a genuine taste of barbequed food to its customers BBQ Caterers use smokers imported from Oklahoma. They slowly smoke each item to make sure that the smoky taste reaches the bone of every piece and then they grill them over an oak wood flame.

They use authentic barbecue pits actually made in the Santa Maria Valley. They are committed to the serving of only the highest quality food using the freshest ingredients available. With all the problems that the modern western society is facing, such practices of opting for barbecue can be helpful in order to maintain the integrity of the society.

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