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Maverick's Holiday Menu

It is our pleasure to share with you the original western tradition of authentic oak pit and smoked barbecue. Mavericks is not a typical commercial catering company. We cater on site, outdoor, wood fired barbecue all year long. Our traditional methods of preparation and exclusive focus on barbecue reflects the strong commitment we have made to serving only the finest barbecue, and we arent shy about boasting of our great food and service.

In the early 1800s along the Central California Coast, the tri-tip was made popular by local cattle ranchers. They learned to cook over an oak fire and used seasonings that have been handed down for generations. Over the years, this choice cut of beef has become the cornerstone of the Santa Maria Style barbecue. The truly outstanding flavor of this incredibly juicy and tender cut of beef can only be reproduced by cooking in the same fashion as the ranchers did 150 years ago : over an open oak fire.

We proudly use authentic barbecue pits actually made in the Santa Maria Valley. Our custom built mobile pits are used to prepare each meal whether it be on site at your event or at our facility for delivery . Each tri-tip is hand carved, seasoned, cooked to mouth watering perfection over a hot oak fire and carved onto your plate. Nothing can come even remotely close to matching the taste, tenderness and juiciness. The best barbecue I have ever tasted ! is the EXPECTED response from our customers. Even from old timers, the compliment is commonplace.

In addition to mouth watering tri-tip, our menu also includes slowly smoked chicken, hickory smoked turkey and succulent St. Louis Style pork ribs. These popular barbecue favorites are also prepared the long way. In our smokers imported from Oklahoma, we slowly smoke each and every time ensuring a deep smoky flavor reaches the bone in every piece. Our turkeys take 14 hours to smoke and our ribs are smoked, then finished off on the grill over an oak wood flame. In fact, it will be Fallin off the bone.

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